Broken Bow OK: AVOID the Norm-Do These 6 Instead!

Adventure Awaits- Woman Ziplining Broken Bow Oklahoma

How many times have you had a conversation like this…?

Conversation between a couple to decide what to do that night in Broken Bow OK

Did you know that this conversation isn’t reserved for people who live in big cities? It can even happen when you’re on vacation!

Broken Bow OK is a small town in the southeastern part of the state that until recently has been relatively unknown. However, in the last decade or so, it has been one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the south-central part of the United States. Part of the draw are the rolling hills and endless natural beauty. Hundreds of short-term rental cabins are available to choose from.

Say you rent one of those luxurious cabins with the hopes of spending a week relaxing. If you’re like me, you may find it hard to stay still for very long. And soon enough, you’ll find yourselves itching for something exciting to do.

While Broken Bow OK certainly has some amazing restaurants like Abendigo’s, and several fun activities like Axe Throwing, go karts, bowling and the like, sometimes it’s better to find something unique that you can’t do just anywhere you go.

Below are 6 fantastic activities that are outside the norm.

Broken Tiki Sunset Tour

American Flag, Tiki Bus, Sunset, Tiki Boat Sunset Tour, Smiling Party
Broken Tiki Collage (photo cred. Broken Tiki Facebook Page)

The shores of Broken Bow Lake are something to behold, but you get a totally different perspective when you’re cruising out in the middle of the vast, open water with a hoard of your best friends with you.

Broken Tiki Sunset Tours is located conveniently in the heart of the action and is sure to give you a unique experience. Kids two years old and under are free and everyone else is $30 for a sunset cruise. Enjoy drinks on the deck before heading out on your excursion. The trips typically last a little over an hour and according to most patrons, it was well worth the money!

You’ll get an exciting shuttle ride to the boat and cruise the lake in one of their Tiki-themed pontoon boats while you hear about some of the local folklore. The tour guides are personable, but not over-bearing and offer just the right amount of information to let you enjoy it your cruise to the max.

This is a seasonal business and will be opening soon. Head on over to their Facebook page to keep your finger on the pulse when they go live for the year.

Rugaru Zip Line Adventures

If you’re looking for something that is a little more action-adventure, check out Rugaru Zipline Adventures! They offer zipline tours through a canopy of pines and hardwoods overlooking the beautiful lake just north of Broken Bow OK. The course includes runs from 300-1100’ for a total approximate distance of around 3200’.

Prices range from $80-100/person, but that includes your gear and training session. Their  website is full of all the important details for planning your excursion. They stay super booked up, so get your reservation in as soon as possible. Expect to have two exciting and fun-filled hours touring the treetops.

All of their guides are trained extensively to ensure your safety during your adventure. There are weight and condition requirements, so before you book, read through their restrictions to make sure this is the right adventure for you.

Splatter Room

Wanna make a mess? Want to let someone else clean it up? Release your inner child at the Hochatown Splatter Room in Broken Bow OK. You’ll decide between a blacklight room or regular room as the canvas for your masterpiece. Everything else is up to you!

This is a great activity to do for your girl’s trip or family weekend. Paint your new brother-in-law with as many brilliant colors as possible. Oh, and try to get some on the actual canvas as well.

You can visit their Facebook page HERE to book your group.

The Maze of Hochatown

If you’re one who enjoys getting lost in the woods around Broken Bow OK or anywhere for that matter, you’ll love this next one! The Maze of Hochatown offers excitement for all ages. With options to change up the layout occasionally, it’s a place you can enjoy time and time again.

Work together or race through the maze to see how fast you can escape! You can climb to the top of the towers to get a better vantage point, then head down below to make your way through. This is a handicap-friendly experience so no one will get left behind.

For the adventurers three and under, it’s free. Expect to pay $15-20/person for the rest of the crew. Same day reservations are allowed, but it’s better to plan ahead if possible. They don’t have a website yet, so check out their Facebook page by clicking the link above for more info.

Riverman Trail Rides

There is something special about putting yourself in the shoes (or boots) of those who traversed this part of the state for decades before you. Riverman Trail Rides is an exceptionally unique experience as they take you down beside clear, flowing waters of the Glover River

A crowd favorite is a horseback trip for four to a private stretch of river that is known to be full of smallmouth bass. Catch and release to your heart’s content while you enjoy Broken Bow OK, AKA God’s Country.

That trip will run you about $75/person. Standard rides cost between $55-100/person. You’ll definitely want to make reservations prior to the day of to ensure a smooth and memorable adventure.

Nighttime Hike

The last suggestion here may be my personal favorite. With light pollution being extremely low in this part of the state, the nighttime skies come to life on a cloudless night! A nighttime hike is not only cheap to free, but may just be the best thing you do all trip.

If you have a chance to go on a clear night during a meteor shower or new moon, make sure you take a long-exposure capable camera with you to document your trek.

There are several trails that are recommended on for nighttime hikes, but we suggest sticking to the easier trails for safety purposes. Friends Trail Loop offers riverside trails with plenty of open skies.

Don’t forget a flashlight!

No matter your budget, there are plenty of hidden gems around Broken Bow and this list is certainly not comprehensive. Check out the Things to Do In Hochatown Facebook page for more suggestions.

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