RV GAMES: GET WILD with 15 fresh Two-Player Valentine Pastimes (Part II)

Couple holding Scrabble letters that spell FOREVER. Games

As requested, we are back to continue breaking down our top 15 MOST POPULAR games for the RV couples out there. If our first five games didn’t quite do it for ya like a cheap, Valentines day chocolate-covered strawberry goop, see if you can keep that flame a’flickerin’ with the 6th through 10th place finishers! (And please, for the love of Cupid, don’t buy those horrible chocolates…)

But don’t forget, our TOP 5 Spiciest finishers will be close behind, so check back soon to discover who landed in the number one spot.

If you’re feeling extra spirited, sign the “Spice It Up” agreement prior to kicking off the game of your choice, but beware, the stakes are high! Check out each of the SPICY options down below.

10. Bananagrams

bananagrams pouch- word grid puzzle Games

Let me give you one tip prior to getting some of these word games. Pick up a Webster’s dictionary of your choice and get to studying because you’ll want to have a vast, repertoire of grandiose verbiage at your disposal. See what I did there? There are four three-syllable words to get you started.

Actually, unless you’re traveling with a school teacher or some kind of scientist, it’s much simpler than all of that. Just divvy up all the letters in the banana-pouch and race to see who can build a word-grid the fastest, using all of the letters in their possession.

This is a great game for 2 and you should be able to play several rounds in short order.

Spice it up: The winner gets hand fed, chocolate fondue-dipped bananas (or fruit of their choice) while watching their favorite movie.

9. Azul

Colorful game, design patterns to win against your partner

Would your RV decorating skills give Chip and Joanna Gaines a run for their money? Whether you deserve to be the next big thing on HGTV or your decorating skills rival the elephants who paint at The Preserve, you’re sure to enjoy Azul.

This pattern-driven game consists of placing colorful tiles on your board to complete designs.

The first person to have a masterpiece worthy of The Louvre wins!

You can certainly play with just the two of you, but this is one of the best games for a double date as well!

Spice it up: In the spirit of decorating and remodeling, the loser has to spring for a couple’s mani-pedi. (Men, this is intentionally designed to be weighted in one direction, but trust me. Nothing wrong with a “manly-pedi”. Thank me later.)

8. Rummikub

Rummikub, orginial tile game. Collect tiles in groups to win.

If you read Part I of this series, you may have been introduced to Gin Rummy. Rummikub has many similarities, although you use tiles instead of cards. Collect sets of tiles of the same number or color coordinated sequential runs of tiles.

Once someone plays all their tiles, they complete the round. Count up all the point values on the remaining tiles and subtract them from the number of completed sets that were played. The highest score after three games is the winner.

Spice it up: The winner gets to have one chapter of their favorite book read aloud to them in the loser’s best David Attenborough impersonation.

7. Phase 10

Complete all 10 phases faster than your opponent.

Phase 10 is a personal favorite for couple’s game night between my wife and I. It certainly has an aspect of luck, but once you learn your partner’s tendencies, the strategy can escalate quickly.

She knows that I know that she knows that I know… and so on.

Collect predetermined groups of cards in ten set phases. Once you have the required cards in hand, play them to your opponent’s demise. Play the rest of your cards on subsequent turns until you run out of cards, at which point, you shuffle and deal out the next round. Didn’t complete your phase? You gotta try again while your partner moves on.

Watch out for Phase 7! It’s a doozy.

Spice it up: A trophy in the shape of a 10’x10’ blanket is given to the winner by the loser at which point, you put on the movie Twilight and have fun laughing at all the glittery skin and bad acting. (If you like Twilight, I suppose you can still get the blanket and “enjoy” the movie.)

6. Ticket to Ride

Who has the longest train? Extend your train across the map to win!

Have you walked out of your RV onto the beaches of Destin, FL? How about being the first person to see the sunrise up in Maine? Camped at the foot of El Capitan in Yosemite? You’ll love reminiscing about all your adventures as you tenderly work towards total destruction of your opponent and utter domination of the US railways in this entertaining cutthroat boardgame, Ticket to Ride.

Draw rail-car cards and play the plastic rail-cars of your chosen color to construct the longest continuous train possible. Having the biggest train will get you a bonus at the end, but the strategy and scoring happens throughout.

Spice it up: This one is a win-win. Find your favorite chip&dip recipe and make a list of ingredients. Once the ingredients are purchased, get a short, yet supple rope (don’t get ahead of me) and tie the right hand of one of you and the left of the other, together. Using the two free hands, make your guac, queso, hummus, or whatever you chose and enjoy while you play Ticket to Ride! You’ll think about how ridiculous taking that idea from a silly blog was and you’ll laugh and laugh. I should be a marriage counselor.

Part II is in the books! What has been your favorite game suggestion so far? If you’ve played any of them, I’d love to hear your stories down below!

Stay tuned for Part III where we unveil the most highly voted 2-player game for RV couples!

Until then,

Travel Happy

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