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Travel trends come and go, but it is not hard to see that there have been some significant changes in the last few years regarding the RV industry. Chances are if you’re reading this, you may be one of those nearly 1 MILLION new RV owners out there since 2020 and if so, you have probably seen these changes in action. 

According to an RV Lifestyle study by gorving.com, RV sales have increased a whopping 33% from 2020 to 2021 and it doesn’t seem like it is slowing down any time soon making it safe to say that this new way of life is here to stay! Below are 5 Major Shifts in the RV industry in recent history. 

If we are honest, until the last decade or so the perception of the stereotypical RVer was a retired couple, exhausted from a corporate career and ready to see all the things they missed out on the previous thirty-five years due to always being on the clock. However, with the installment of COVID into our vocabulary, this has all changed. 

Here are the 5 MAJOR SHIFTS in the RV lifestyle: 

1. Work From Home

Whether a person can ever get used to having a corporate meeting with no pants on (with the help of Zoom-type platforms), in an effort to help keep people safe, many companies adopted systems to allow employees to “Work From Home”. After a few years of making it work, it turns out that it not only allows for a healthier company in regards to illness, overall production increases making happier employees and better work environments overall. 

Why is that? It is largely in part because families and individuals are now “Business-Mobile”; meaning they now have the ability to move their work with them as long as there is a strong internet connection. Say you are camping in Broken Bow, OK near Beavers Bend. Now, if your job allows, you can take your RV to one of the RV parks in the area, log into the WiFi, pick your webcam background and you’re ready to rock and roll. Then, when you’re done with your work, you can go get a pizza and a drink at the Mountain Fork Brewery. Sounds nice, doesn’t it! 

2. AMENITIES Are Everything

While the standard RV campgrounds of the past may have plenty of cool and rugged features, this new class of RVer falls more in line with a new breed—the “Glamper”. Creature comforts are of utmost importance. Whether good or bad, in many instances, nature takes a back seat to a long list of modern amenities. As stated above, WiFi is critical, but you can add bathrooms and shower houses, laundry facilities, on-site calendar of events, a lounge or clubhouse, pool, pickleball and golf carts to the list just to name a few. 

In response to the influx of Glampers, RV park owners have adjusted their offerings as well to make sure you have all of what you need and much of what you wantOf course, with an increased list of amenities comes an increase in cost, so expect to pay a bit more per night, week or month for a park like this. However if you look at the reviews of some of these new and improved parks, you’ll see that most people are perfectly happy paying a few more dollars to be comfortable. I mean, it beats paying for a work space at the office I suppose! 

3. Your Options Have TRIPLED

Not only have RV parks upped their game, but hundreds of business owners have opened up shop in this sector. Ten years ago, if you had a level, dirt pad, you were excited. Now, you’ll typically get a spacious level pad (usually gravel or concrete), 30A and 50A options, and water/sewer hook-ups all within feet of your site. 

In Hochatown, OK, they have seen half a dozen RV parks added to the roster in the last year alone, making it an ideal spot given its proximity to natural beauty, number of options and growing list of amazing attractions

4. More FAMILIES Choosing the RV Lifestyle

RVing is no longer just for snowbirds and retirees. In the last few years, many families have decided to take the show on the road, implementing home-schooling as the primary form of education, managing jobs via their laptops and taking in all of what the great USofA has to offer. 

Families on the road typically require two things depend on their situations; activities or spaces designated for the kiddos AND/OR dog parks for those fur-babies. If you fit in this category, make sure to find parks that have playgrounds and dog-runs depending on what kind of “children” you are traveling with. 

5. Planning is MUCH Easier

The days of paper maps and compasses are over and none of us are sad about that. If you can think of something you might need to plan your road trip, there’s an app for that and many of them are FREE. Sites like rvlife.com are excellent places to start. Find all the highest rated RV parks along your route with your designated list of amenities and then hit the road! If you are looking for cool things to do along the way, many sites will show you cool things to see or adventures along your route to make the most of your trip. 

You should also check Facebook to find amazing groups like the RV Lifestyle Group to give you advice on everything from how to clean your black tanks to the best rubber band ball museum in America. 

No matter if you are a veteran road-warrior or a RV newbie, you are part of a special group of adventurers who love the comforts of home AND the great outdoors. Nowadays, it doesn’t have to be a vacation. It can be your life. And it can be a dang good one. 

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